Saturday, August 31, 2013

This was my first experience with FreshSTART and it was awesome! I was a team leader and had a great group that worked hard and as a team. It was so cool to be a part of helping these freshmen get into community service here and see them interact with people they have never met. Everyone did their part to make it a successful day! Definitely want to be a part of this again!
As a team leader, it was amazing to see how everyone came together and sacrificed their first Saturday (and the Syracuse game!) to come out and serve their Penn State community.  Even after only a week at Penn State, all hte volunteers have proved that they are true Penn Staters at heart.


It was an awesome experience to see all different aspects of the Penn State Community and how they can positively influence the surrounding Centre County area. The people at the recycling center truly take pride in all that they do, and it was an honor to be able to assist them in all they do for the PSU community.
Today was simple awesome. Hard work, but awesome. It sure beats partying and waking up with a hangover on a Saturday morning!
Today I cleaned washed the mats that are used for THON. I learned how important it was for these mats to get clean so the children didnt get sick. I had a lot of fun.

Fresh Start

Fresh star was a great way to make new friends. Being in a small group like that really helped me meet a lot of people!


I cleaned the THON mats and had a great time.  I never knew how much work goes into THON and now I have a better appreciation for it.  I really enjoyed talking to my team leaders, Anna and Christine.  They made me want to join more volunteer groups.